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When summertime rolls around it can only mean one thing — it’s time to turn up the air conditioning system. However, you may be concerned with the cost of your AC this summer if you have a traditional HVAC system or window units as your source of cooling.

Wall units help you save money and promote a healthy environment

If you’re looking to save on cooling costs this summer, an AC wall unit is your best option. Also known as a split system, a wall unit not only cools your home but it also provides health benefits because it improves the quality of your air. The air quality is drastically different from that of a traditional HVAC duct system since it utilizes a series of filters that trap dust, pollen, and bacteria.

On the other hand, HVAC units are difficult to clean and can often carry less-than-desirable particles that aren’t beneficial to your health.

When you turn to Casey Heat and Air Conditioning, you can trust professionals to install an effective AC wall unit, including the necessary filters, quickly and hassle-free. Our specialists are typically able to install an entire wall unit in one day from start to finish.

Wall units cut down on energy costs

As far as cutting energy costs, AC wall units meet Energy Star Requirements, which means they meet a level of energy efficiency that is even higher than the national requirements. How does your wall unit do this?

Simple! You can control the temperature of each zone. By choosing the temperature of each zone in your home, you’ll be able to cut back on air conditioning costs by only cooling the zone that you’re in at any given time. This prevents you from wasting energy on rooms that you’re not even using. 

If you currently own a window unit, you know that it’s next to impossible to cool your entire home with one unit. That means you have to install one in many windows of your home, in various rooms, to get the cooling that you want. The more window units you have, the more your cooling costs will be.

When our professionals install your wall unit, your home or business will experience minimal distractions and interruptions. Not to mention, in most cases you’ll be able to use your wall unit the same day we install it.

Contact us today for your AC wall unit installation needs!

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Residential AC Units
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